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Mrs. Musser's Reading Suggestions
Posted on 09/13/2017

“Is That How I Really Sounds?”:  Using iPads for Fluency Practice


     What a wonderful time to have a child who is learning to read or learning to read aloud with expression.  With the current home technology of cell phones, cameras, face time, iPads, etc.,  it is so easy to record your child reading a short passage and play it back for your child to hear and see how he or she sounds.  Proficient oral read develops through much oral reading and reflecting on how we sound as we read.  A number of studies indicate that word recognition, accuracy, automaticity comprehension and students’ attitudes toward and confidence in reading all improve through the act of repeated readings.

    Your child could record themselves reading, watch the replay and then reflect on how they did.  Your child could look at the text during the replay and note omitted words, substituted words, inserted or inverted words.  Your child could practice the text and then record themselves later and note the improvement from the first recording.  Your child will receive instant feedback as s/he watches the playback. 

     In a short time your child’s comments will change from, “Is that how I sound?” to “I can do better than that.”  This can be a fun and modern way to have your child improve oral reading skills.


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